New Resident Resources

Welcome to Prospect! We know you'll love living here as much as we all do. Enjoying the sights of the neighborhood is best done on foot or bike. That being said, we need to point you in the right direction regarding official documents: all neighborhood governing and SB-100 required documents are located at Homestead Management's website. Homestead is the HOA company hired by the POA — think of their website as the official neighborhood library and resource center. You should've received a letter from Homestead with a temporary username and password to their website shortly after your moved in. If you haven't, please contact David Jansen (our property manager at Homestead) and request access to Homestead's website.

Regarding Home Modifications: While you'll need access to Homestead's website to view important and informative official documents, such as the governing CC&Rs, you need to go through the Prospect Architectural Committee if you'd like to make modifications to your property. That committee maintains its own website where you can fill out forms and upload materials needed to request changes.

Prospect PAC

Annual Camping

Every year, residents enjoy a tent/movie night in the park. Bring snacks and enjoy a flick before sleeping under the stars.

Annual Chili

If you're a fan of contesting for chili rights, or you simply like sampling great chili, you'll love this yearly event!

Annual 4th of
July Bike Ride

Independence Day isn't just for fireworks at night; we start the day with a bike ride through the entire neighborhood.